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We provide professional and unbiased support for smaller businesses in the UK who are keen to make use of BACS services. Our main focus is providing detail on how to collect receipts by Direct Debit. This is a complex area, and needs strong professional advice to help a business choose the right solution for their needs. 

Why choose Moorgate Cash Management? Our advice is totally impartial and focuses on understanding your business, providing advice on how Direct Debiting works, describes what options you have, and pulls together a solution to meet your needs. The business offers guidance from professional ex-banker with extensive experience in cash management through dealings with Corporate clients over 18 years in that part of the banking business.

Why not just ask my Bank? Most Bank staff dealing with businesses in the SME sector have little experience or knowledge of BACS and Direct Debiting in particular. That isn't a criticism - they cannot be specialists in every area and it is perfectly normal to look for support in specialist areas. Experience suggests that the required level of support in this complex area is not always forthcoming from the UK Banks, particularly in the SME sector.

Can't I just seek advice from the Internet? Of course you can! A simple Google search on "direct debiting" will reveal many companies who are willing to provide services. you really understand what they are offering and are the solutions on offer right for your business? Reasonably, a provider offering a specific service will be keen to get your buy-in to that service and may not be willing to discuss options with you. Only by asking the right questions through an independent source and getting a real understanding of your options (and there are plenty!) can you be assured that 1) Direct Debiting is right for your business and 2) the solution you choose is the right one for your business.

So what does Moorgate Cash Management actually provide? Well, we start by getting a full understanding of your needs, describe how Direct Debiting actually works and what options you have, and will then advise you on what option is best suited for your individual business. We enable you to make a decision regarding the best solution for you based on facts. Sometimes, that decision may be not to do anything! If you do decide to take matters further, we will arrange for a suitable introduction to a relevant, trusted, Bank / BACS approved service provider who will take things forward with you directly. We will ensure that they understand your requirements and that they are able to meet your needs. We are here at all times to deal with any questions you have.

Is Direct Debiting right for my business? Until we talk, it's an impossible question to answer! Generally speaking though, accepting receipts by Direct Debit is a good way of managing cashflow and encourages stronger cash management as a result


I thought Direct Debiting was only for large Corporate customers? That may have been the case once, but the combination of modern business practices and inexpensive software means that the ability to collect receipts by Direct Debit is pretty much available to any business, irrespective of their size or how many receipts are to be collected. 

Does my Bank need to give approval to my accepting receipts by Direct Debit? Not all depends on which solution is right for  you! Until we understand your requirements, and until you understand what options are available, this is an impossible question to answer....and makes the need to not just rely on an Internet search even more important!

How will I know which solution is right for me? Many factors can influence the decision. Until we talk, it's impossible to give an answer. However, it is also important to know that, as your business needs change, the current solution may change in future. We will endeavour to give you advice based on your current and future needs, and to make you fully aware of what options you have, now and in the future.

How much will it all cost? Moorgate Cash Management seeks no fee for an initial consultation. We ask only for full discussions with you - this may be via conference call, simple telephone call, webex or by physical meeting. During that process, we will seek to understand your business and provide an unbiased opinion on what is best for you. There are many options available for potential BACS Service Users and it is really important that you get the correct advice and solution.

Depending on which solution is right for you, and only following your discussions and agreement with the approved service providers we put you in touch with, we will charge a modest fee for us to then complete any required documentation (as required by your Bank and BACS). In some circumstances, there is no requirement for your Bank to receive any documentation, thus no fee will be applied by Moorgate Cash Management.

We ONLY deal with small selected number of well-established service providers. They all have the required accreditation with BACS and are all well-known within the sector. They all offer first-class service and support. 

Ok, how do I get in touch? Phone Mike on 07866 476639 or email us at

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